My Husband Thinks I Don’t Have Enough To Do.

Life can be very busy, and while you are trying to keep up to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, you might be forgetting one very important thing: sharpening your saw.

I’m sure you’ve heard this concept from me before. The truth is that most of our life is spent keeping up, going with the flow, in the midst of the race. It’s not very often that we stop and take care of ourselves.

Not too long ago, my husband came home with a puzzle. One thing you may not know about me is that I love puzzles. My whole childhood and well into my teens I would sit at a kiddie sized wooden table in the corner of the living room and work on puzzles for hours. So my husband bringing home a puzzle was a very sweet gesture.

But it was a 3000 piece puzzle.

My impulsive internal reaction was: Thanks honey, but don’t you think I have enough to do? Who has time for a puzzle?

Of course I didn’t want to be an unappreciative wife who’s husband had just spontaneously bought her a gift. So instead I said thank you, and he replied, “I just thought you might enjoy it.”

And he was right.

I put work aside, and I started on the puzzle. And I loved it. It was my way of sharpening my saw. I find puzzles meditative because I can focus on one thing, which rarely happens. It became a centerpiece for family time, spread out on the dining room table for months. And then when we finished it, we bought another puzzle on our trip to Iceland to set up in it’s place.


Be sure to take time for YOU and sharpen your saw.

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