I created the club I wanted to join

IT’S ALIVE! (Read with the Frankenstein movie intonation.) Well, at least it is live. The Connected Leader Club is official.


I was excitedly telling a friend about this new endeavor and they asked why I was doing it, guessing reasons that didn’t resonate with me. I said, “Actually, I am doing this so I can say yes when I used to need to say no.”


I get a lot of requests for coaching, which is wonderful. It is also unrealistic that I could take on that many individual clients. I refer some out. Others, depending on their goals, I point toward do-it-yourself resources. When referred by a friend, I often jump on a call and see how I can help in one interaction. It was one of those situations that was the spark for The Connected Leader Club (CLC).


I was very clear when the introduction was made that I would be happy to talk with any friend of my friend but that I don’t take on retail clients (those not sponsored by their company). I find it easier to help when there is no ulterior sales motivation. But this guy wouldn’t take no for an answer. I relented. I created a one-month engagement to support my first retail client in years.


I loved working with him! He was so clear, motivated, engaged and did the work. After one month he told me I had changed his life. Wow! Who knew he would have the same impact on me? The experience stayed with me and inspired me to figure out a way to serve this audience without stretching myself too thin. The answer is The Connected Leader Club.


You can hear me tell the story on the Thrive Loud podcast episode and here is a little excerpt.


Most people are not getting what they need at their jobs and seek relationships, support, and expertise elsewhere. This idea was bigger than me, so I brought on the most amazing partner and fellow connector, Lou Diamond.
Together, we set out to create a community of leaders hungry for growth, where we can reinforce the habits developed, provide access to expertise to navigate the hurdles, and build a supportive peer network to hold you accountable. That’s The Club!


But first, we realized we needed to provide the foundational thinking and skills of a connected leader, as well as establish a common language for ease. That’s why before you can join the Club, you embark on an 8 week learning journey, The Connect Leader Course.


The Course:

A required pre-requisite for joining the Connected Leader Club, and an amazing learning experience on its own, this course is designed for the aspiring leader who wants to take things to a new level but knows they won’t get there aloneThese 8 modules, cohort based, semi-synchronous, program will…

  • Expand and strengthen your personal and professional network
  • Develop core leadership skills, increase self-awareness, and refine your leadership brand
  • Influence through clear, concise, and confident communication
  • Navigate interpersonal dynamics to reduce misunderstandings, strengthen relationships, enhance team productivity
  • Apply listening and coaching techniques to empower, develop and grow your team
  • Create a culture of trust to Improve morale, loyalty and retention

Is this right for you and are you right for The CLC?

Here’s the deal… this is not for everyone. We don’t want it to be. We are inviting a diverse range of top performers into the first cohort. We are leaving some space for members of our loyal audiences to join this initial group.


Does this sound like you?

  • Have a minimum of 10 years’ work experience.
  • Have been designated as a high potential, high performer within their organization.
  • May be building their own business in an entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Know there is more they can accomplish and strive for greatness.
  • Are lifelong learners and are ready to grow.
  • Believe in the power of connection and value relationships.

Yes? Then you may be a fit. Interested in joining? Enroll Here.


Interested in learning more? Register for our FREE webinar on March 15th at 12pm EST. We will walk you through the semi synchronous program and answer all your questions, PLUS give you a special offer. Register Here.

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