Do you over leverage your strengths?

“I don’t like being bad at things.”   That was a quote by my son that I shared back in my newsletter titled Why You Should Try And Be Bad

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How to increase your likelihood of a promotion

I have been getting a lot of emails lately about being passed over for a promotion or feeling invisible and seeing no signs of advancement.   I have to admit, it

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Are one of these habits your downfall?

The other night my husband, Mike, made an innocuous claim about how long a drive he had to do alone was. He overestimated. I knew he had the number of

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Do you make a strong first impression?

Studies suggest that it only takes about 7 seconds to form an opinion about someone. Yikes! As an intelligent species, we quickly absorb information and form conclusions. The challenge arises

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What do you need to reframe?

I hate selling.   I admit it. I have actually been incredibly uncomfortable promoting The Connected Leader Course in every newsletter the last few weeks.   I even went to the backend

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I created the club I wanted to join

IT’S ALIVE! (Read with the Frankenstein movie intonation.) Well, at least it is live. The Connected Leader Club is official.   I was excitedly telling a friend about this new endeavor and

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Are you an insider or outsider

Are you an insider or outsiders?

A while back I joined a group called the Authoresses comprised of established, successful female authors. I must admit, at first it was incredibly intimidating. They all seemed to know

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Are you talking about it?

People at times have described me as a “motivational speaker” and for some reason that always made me uncomfortable. The truth is, I don’t believe you can motivate anyone since

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Vulnerability makes me want to puke but….

I have rallied my tribe to help me with my weight loss goal. But my tribe can’t always walk with me. Instead of being demotivated I bring a virtual friend,

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