Let’s start a movement

I am still listening to Seth Godin’s book Tribes. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this work, he is focused on what it takes to lead people to act toward a common goal. In other words, build a tribe.

As Seth explains, a tribe is not a “hierarchy” similar to how most companies and businesses are run. A successful tribe is connected through a leader, an idea, and most of all, through a movement.

Here’s what I learned… There are three things you need in order to start a movement.

  • Motivation. Groups find motivation through a shared mission or vision or value. This is core and impossible to enroll people without it.
  • Connection. Though I love the word, he meant something more technical, a communication platform that enables people to connect. A space to exchange ideas, progress, and passion allows people to engage with each other and bring others in exponentially growing the tribe. The key is enabling people to connect to each other and not just the leader – love this!
  • Leverage. Though I don’t love this word, I get it. It becomes a group effort to grow the group. Enrolling others with a shared passion will most definitely increase the impact the tribe can have.

There is something so inspiring when people come together from different places and support an idea. The passionate movement can create experiences like no other. That’s what I want to do!

I want to start a movement around the idea that connected cultures, connected leaders, and connected people create a more empathetic, kind, and inclusive world, company, and community. Is that an idea you can get behind?

If yes, the next step is connection and my Book Club & Micro Course for The Connector’s Advantage is just that platform.

Better yet, let’s find that leverage and you can host a club! You can lead a tribe in furthering this mission of creating connections in our work and world.

All it takes is one spark to ignite a passion. Are you ready? Together, let’s start a movement.

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