I had an Epiphany…

I have been having all these epiphanies when taking my morning walks and listening to audio books. When listening to Tribes by Seth Godin, I had an epiphany about setting boundaries.

I’m good friends with a well-known author who runs in the same circles as him. So in practicing what I teach, I asked my author friend to reach out to him and see if he would be willing to read and review my book,  The Connector’s Advantage. He did, and, amazingly, he said yes. You can check out his endorsement HERE, along with many others I asked.

When he sent back his testimonial he also said, “The deal is: Please don’t edit without asking first, and don’t use my name in any outbound email, promotional websites or other promo without running it by me.”  FYI – I ran this past him and he preferred to remain anonymous.

My epiphany: He was a perfect example of several of the mindsets in the book. First, in his willingness to help someone else, he embodied the spirit of generosity. Second, in his clarity around what he was willing to say yes and no to, he set boundaries.

It is affirming to see these mindsets in action and it acts as a reminder to know your boundaries and feel confident expressing them. Clarity on what you can give to someone else with all of your energy will strengthen that connection. It also enables you to respectfully decline and avoid potential conflict.

How are you setting boundaries in your life? If you are not, think about how firm boundaries can actually enhance relationships and allow you to give your all to the tasks you say yes to.

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