Need a Job? Three Things You Can Do Right Now!

They say that the unemployment rate could get as high as 30% by the end of this. Not to mention those like me who are “self-employed” or work as part of the gig economy. I am out of work. Well, I am still working, just not getting paid. My boss is the worst!

There are so many people who are furloughed or have a salary reduction in addition to those that have been simply let go. It is an uncertain time with the future of work. On top of all that, the boredom and monotony have set in. So what is there to do? Lots!

I recognize that this seems an inopportune time for a job search but there are still things you can do. Here are my 3 suggestions on how to prepare now:

#1 Lay The Ground Work.

You know how I love a top 11 list! Here’s a countdown of 11 action steps you can take right now:

11. Think Big Picture. Getting laid off in 2001 enabled me to pause and give thought to what I really wanted to do. Is this the time to pivot and follow your passion?

10. Create a List of Target Companies. Who do you want to work for? Do some research and create your dream list of 10 companies to target.

9. Do Your Homework: Not your kids’ homework (that’s too hard)! Homework on the companies that you want to work for.

8. Evaluate Your Skills. Do you have the skills needed to land that ideal job?

7. Update Your Resume. Don’t forget to add that you have remote work experience now!

6. Add to Your LinkedIn Profile. Be searchable with keywords included in your summary, skills section, and job descriptions.

5. Activate Your Social Media Presence. Be more visible on whatever platform(s) you enjoy.

4. Increase Your LinkedIn Connections. I am getting a ton of LinkedIn requests right now. Connect with me on LinkedIn!

3. Share Resources. Do a little research on the things people need right now and think about who could use the information. Then share it!

2. Get Active in Your Industry. This could be attending your association web programs or just virtual happy hours.

And the # 1 thing you can do… (drumroll please….)

1. Keep Connecting! Big shocker there. This is an ideal time with a built-in excuse to reach out to all those people you lost touch with and all those people you want to strengthen relationships with. Just reach out and get a conversation going.

#2 Build Skills.

You just evaluated your skills and what you need to reenter or pivot fields. Where are you lacking or what can you add to give yourself an edge? My husband’s company reduced the FT people to 76% time and the team all brainstormed on what they could do with their newfound time. They are looking into online courses, refreshing skills, and more.

  • Learn a Language: I just started learning Spanish on Duolingo. It has always been a goal of mine and now I have the time.
  • Virtual Conferences: Many events that were live are now virtual including one that I was going to speak at. Check out the SIM Women Virtual Event on May 7th at 1 pm ET. It is an afternoon of leadership development programming featuring sessions on Digital Transformation, Empathy as a Business Tool, Board Pursuit, and the Future of Work.
  • Virtual Training: As you may recall, I partnered with a company to create 10 online programs. I reached out to them to see if they would give a discount – and they said yes! Even better, they said you can use the discount on ANY course in their catalog, not just mine (…though mine are awesome!) Use the code Spring25 for a 25% discount!

Some of the courses I created are below and you can see the full list here. If you want CPE credits for accounting go HERE. If you want HRCI or SHRM CPE credits, check out this course catalog. My courses are on both and anyone can take them!

      • Communicating with Diverse Styles
      • Creating a Culture of Trust
      • How To Get What You Want: Persuasion & Influence
      • How To Give Action-Oriented Feedback
      • Negotiation Know-How
      • Polished Public Speaking
      • Relationship Networking
      • The Value of Conflict

#3 Generate Income Now.

I found this list of jobs for those looking to supplement or generate income right now. DISCLAIMER! I haven’t vetted any of these.

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