Convention Connection: Peacocking To Make Networking Easier


Wondering what peacocking is? My assistant actually came up with the term when I explained the tip to connecting at a conference.

Think about when a peacock spreads its feathers. You notice. You are drawn to it. It works with us humans too. That is peacocking.

If you want an easy way to start conversations in a sea of strangers – wear something that draws people’s eye.

When I was at a conference last month, I filmed a series of convention connections (AKA Success Shorites) to give you ideas on how to make a large networking event feel a little more manageable.

The first video explains the concept, then watch the second video to see my encounter with a real-life peacock.


I love this woman, just wait until you meet her! Always remember to be YOU and be unique.

More Convention Connection videos coming! I hope your evening is filled with planning out your outfit for your next networking event.

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