A Simple Technique to Increase Job Satisfaction

Everyone wants to feel satisfied. And every manager wants that for their team. A satisfied employee is productive, engaged and stays loyal! So what’s this simple technique to increase job satisfaction?


Obvious, right? Research shows time and time again that recognition and appreciation is one of the top 3 contributions to job satisfaction. We need to receive recognition for the work we are doing. We need to feel appreciated.

It certainly works for me. The most meaningful time in my work is at the end of a talk when people come up and tell me what stuck with them. Or even days or sometimes years later when I hear from a participant who shares the impact my program had. Receiving feedback on my work and recognition for what I am doing continues to push me to grow, and I’m always grateful.

One fun way to receive recognition in this day and age is to make a list. Top this, best of that. It’s a great feeling! And it seems as though your efforts have paid off. Internally you can do an employee of the month or awards system where everyone gets recognized for their specific talent or contribution.

Recently I made a list I’m especially proud of. My Get Known, Get Connected, Get Ahead webinar was named one of Forte Foundations top webinars of 2017! What a great feeling.

I would love the chance to help recognize YOU and your achievements. Have you made a top list lately? Hit reply and send me the link or tag me in the post and I will post or tweet it out. I’d love to share it with my audience in a newsletter dedicated to my readers.

Everyone loves receiving recognition. Take a minute to stop and ask yourself, “How am I recognizing the people around me?

Make an effort today to give recognition to someone who deserves it.

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