Success Shortie: What Everyone SHOULD Ask At The End Of An Interview.

I love getting your questions! I gave a talk on interviewing skills and what to ask at the end of an interview at a SHRM event and received a wonderful note of appreciation from an attendee named Frank. (Love getting those too!)

In the note he shared his takeaways and then added that he wished he wrote fast enough to capture my list of suggested end of the interview questions. So this one is for you, Frank!

In the interview process, we tend to focus on how we will answer the questions the interviewer will ask us. But there is another side to the interaction that is just as important — what will you ask them? Watch this week’s Success Shortie to hear how to get your interviewer talking, and how to set yourself up for success in the process.

Have you ever put thought into what questions you should ask your interviewer? What are some important questions you think should make it onto the list?

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