Success Shortie: The Easiest Way To Increase Your Odds Of Getting What You Want.

Hi everyone! The average toddler hears the word ‘no’ an astonishing 400 times a day. According to a UCLA study, you will hear ‘no’ 148,000 times before you are 18. So why would you possibly want to ask for something with the possibility of hearing that awful word one more time!? It is not surprising that asking is difficult — but if you don’t, the answer is no. The single surefire way to increase your odds of getting what you want is simply asking for it.(Click HERE to Tweet this!)

Saying ‘no’ to someone – especially someone you are trying to maintain a relationship with – can be just as uncomfortable. Saying no is not much easier than hearing it. Luckily, you can help to prevent others from feeling this way.

Watch this week’s Success Shortie to find out how to make an opt-out ask, and to take some stress out of this valuable interaction!

Have you ever been afraid to ask for what you want? It’s easy to forget that the actual act of asking is the only way we will ever get what we are longing for.

Are you actively asking for what you want in life? Do you think that making an opt-out ask will help you build the courage to do so? Click HERE to Tweet this Shortie!

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