Three More Ways To Get What You Want.

In last week’s Success Shortie, I talked about the concept of an ‘opt-out ask’. I know that just the idea of asking for what you want can be intimidating. It is hard for me too, which is why I found three more ways to make it easier. I want you to feel confident reaching for what you want — and I know that the tools I have for you this week will help.

Have you ever tried using the ‘shrinking ask’? What about the ‘non-ask’? Watch today’s Success Shortie to learn the differences between them and how to make getting the results you want easier than you’ve ever imagined.​​​​​​​

Is there something you want right now, but you are hesitant to ask for? Pick one of these ‘asks’ and go for it! Then tell me how it went. Click HERE to Tweet this Shortie!

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