Success Shortie Video: Small Steps to Break Down Big Walls

Hi everyone!

I chose a viewer question for this week’s Success Shortie because ten years ago I would have written it myself. They shared that they have been guarded their whole life, and that this has prevented them from developing meaningful relationships.

First, I get it. I was in a leadership program once and proclaimed, “Closed works for me, it protects me.” The facilitator’s response was simply, “No, it doesn’t.” But she got me thinking and gosh $%&$&% darn if she wasn’t right.

When I tried opening up and letting people in, life got so much better. But it is a big step to change this mentality, so let’s start small. This solution requires you to take a chance – but I promise it’s one you will be able to handle! Get your pen read and listen to today’s Success Shortie to learn how to begin building meaningful connections!

Do you have walls up around you? Are you ready to break them down? Tell me what steps you are taking.

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