Success Shortie Video: Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Made!

Hi everyone!

I always say that I teach all the mistakes I’ve ever made, and today is no different. Do you ever undervalue your opinion? I bet you may not even realize you are doing it. It can be subconscious. When I found myself guilty of this bad habit, instead of kicking myself, I thought it could be a teachable moment. I know (I wanted to write ‘hopefully’) this will save many of you from repeating my mistake.

We all have a lot to say but many of us pad the power of our statements with too many but’s, hopefully’s, or it’s-just-my-opinion’s. If you have something to say – just say it! Watch this week’s Success Shortie to figure out if YOU are a hedger – and how to stop being one!

Are you guilty? Have you ever caught yourself minimizing your opinions? Tell me your story and also share how you would change it for the next time. Taking the time to rethink it will better prepare you to DO it.

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