Success Shortie: What Does Your Entrance Say About You?

Hi everyone!

One of my favorite keynotes that I deliver is called You The Brand. There is an audience choice section of the talk where they can pick the topic they want me to teach. Choices surround what impacts a person’s impressions.

One of the recurring favorites is ‘the entrance’. Upon mention of this topic, I scurry in my heels out the door and return to make two different entrances into the room. Then I ask the audience to describe the person.

It is amazing what they decide about the person walking in based on just those few seconds. I have heard, “Shy, lacking confidence, unprepared, doesn’t belong there, useless!” Ouch! Other times I hear, “Arrogant, fake,” or, “Friendly and outgoing.” It is enlightening to hear varying interpretations of the same actions.

Watch today’s Success Shortie to learn how to let everyone know exactly who you are when you walk into a room.

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