Look For Me On Your Elevator

Hi everyone!

The things we do and say have a lasting impact. That is true now more than ever, with social media and video capturing more moments than we realize. This just happened to me — but fortunately, in a good way!

It was almost a year ago that I was interviewed on C-Suite TV and just recently my book, 11 Laws of Likability, was selected by the C-Suite Book Club as a Showcase title!

Some even better news, is that I may just pop up on your elevator this week! My episode on C-Suite TV is being featured via Captivate on those TV screens in your elevators. You can’t escape me — the show is being aired on 10,000 elevator and lobby screens across the United States this week! I am so excited! If you catch it, let me know!

If you miss it on the elevator, you can check it out right here:

For me, it is a great thing that this episode is having a lasting impact. So many times it is the opposite: Our words and actions come back to haunt us. If you need proof, look no further than our recent presidential candidates.

Give thought before you speak or act. Ask yourself, “How will this serve the situation?” or, “How am I going to feel about doing this an hour from now?” I find these questions help me shift from reactive to responsive, and get results with far fewer regrets.

I would love to hear your feedback from the interview. While you’re at it, visit the C-Suite Book Club website to learn more about the 11 Laws of Likability, to download a complimentary chapter, or to purchase your own copy of my book!

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