The most important skill for leaders is…

The most important skill for leaders is

We all want to be good leaders. But what does that look like? The definition/image of a great leader has evolved, if not completely changed, over time. The skills needed for leaders to retain, engage and grow their employees are different than they were 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. Mainly because the demands and expectations that we have in our workplace and those we work with have become a far more important factor in our choices. Yay!

According to a study by Towers Watson, the #1 driver of engagement is the belief that management has an interest in the well‐being of their employees and demonstrates people are important to the company’s success.

Umm, yeah – been saying that for a decade! I call it Connected Leadership. It is about demonstrating that you care about the things your team cares about, and that perspective drives the culture of the way in which you get your work done. The result is a connected culture that keeps people engaged, productive, loyal, and most importantly – happy!

Basically, leaders need to focus on building connected teams for their organizations to last. When I was recently asked by Newsweek what one essential skill I think that leaders should be actively working on to level up their leadership abilities. Can you guess my answer?

I said, “Connection, of course!” People work for people, not businesses, after all. When people are connected to the people they work with, they try harder, and they do it for you as their leader. The key to creating a connected workforce is simply getting to know your people.

This concept sounds basic, but many leaders struggle to know how to actionably work on connection in the workplace. That’s why my team and I created the Connected Leadership Course specifically designed to help you:

  1. Develop the specific skills you need to better connect with your employees.
  2. Discover how you can become a leader who attracts and engages an eager, committed team.
  3. Build stronger relationships that increase your value, influence, and impact.

If you’re a leader who wants to strengthen relationships on your team and ultimately improve performance, this course could be a great tool for you. Check it out on my website for more information and to learn how to sign up!

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