The Value of Likability

A friend of mine who works at a major financial firm once asked me to be a speaker for the firm’s women’s group. After several calls and lots of enthusiasm, the incoming group president said “Likability? I don’t think so. We’re not doing it.” To her the word Likability was too soft, and the engagement was cancelled. Ever since I have been very aware of the fact that people don’t see the value in likability.

If we think about what makes a difference in our professional careers, it is about having people be your champion, be willing to follow you, work with you and work hard for you. People don’t work for organizations, they work for a person and you want to be the person that people want to work for, work with, the one everyone wants on their project, client, board and committee.

So as I built a program based on The 11 Laws of Likability, I had to think about how to make it make sense for organizations to understand the value. It took the feedback from the pilot group to help me figure it out. I am excited to announce the public launch of (wait for it…): The Relationship Driven Leader: Because People Do Business with People They Like (and hire, and promote and recommend, and…)Make sure to check out the promotion at the end. Don’t miss out.

Relationships drive results and The Relationship Driven Leader will teach you the drivers of likability which leads to workability. And for those who are thinking likability is still too soft here is some information to help you see exactly what likability can do for you:

  • According to Fortune Knowledge Group and 71% of executives surveyed say building long term relationships is worth taking a short term financial loss
  • The Well Being at Work Report has revealed that the most important factors for improving productivity are effective workplace relationships
  • A report from ABC News showed that up to 80% of jobs are found through networking.

I could go on, the statistics are endless.

The early buzz…
“Michelle is dynamic, fun and is always drawing people into the group. Anyone in a business setting would benefit from the skills and tools taught here.” Jodi Gross, Prudential

“This program taught me to see how I can help the people around me be the better version of themselves. It is taught in a way that is able to be understood by anyone at any level.” Ravena Valentine, Madison Square Garden

“A valuable look inside the science of personality and style, which can help build stronger networks and relationships.” Greg Cahill, Professional Resource Partners

“Great program to build self-awareness and network. Good for entrepreneurs…encourages new ideas, taking risks and helping others.” Rachel Horwitz, Mars Incorporated

Do you want to take your business or career to the next level? Are you a manager driving results with and through a team of people? Than this program is for you. Register now for the The Relationship Driven Leader and see how it can change the way you do business.

SPACE IS LIMITED but for the first 5 people to register for the April 16 – 17 live event you will get $200 off using promo code: 1Five200. With the early bird discount that’s $400 off!! (I can’t wait to see you there.)

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