This Quick Question Can Show You Just How Authentic You Really Are

When you’re in a situation that is making you feel uncomfortable or disconnected, take a moment to ask yourself: Am I being me? If the answer is ‘‘Yes,’’ terrific, forge on. Sometimes feeling disconnected just means that you need to refocus your attention to re- connect in a genuine way. And your discomfort with the situation may stem from pushing yourself in a positive way; under these circumstances, feeling uncomfortable is being authentic.

But if your answer to the question is ‘‘No,’’ then your next question needs to be, Why?

  • Are you actively changing your behavior because of how you think you should act?
  • Is there something about the situation that makes you feel nervous or inadequate or unprepared?

Take a deep breath and reconnect with that part of you that feels authentic and honest. Ask yourself, ‘‘What’s the worst that can happen?’’ You’ll find that usually the answer isn’t that bad. Remind yourself what you can contribute to the situation.

Conveying your genuine self will ground you regardless of outcome.

When you share authenticity with others, you share your likability factor with them. The more authentic you are, the more people will find they respect you. There are tons of people out there who feel the need to build walls around themselves in order to put on a face for others – when you show you don’t feel the need to do this, the change is refreshing and others appreciate it.

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