What Can You Do for Veterans?

“Thank you for your service” and “Never forget” have become phrases that we use to commonly acknowledge and thank active service members and veterans who have served in the military. Regardless of your political views, collectively as a society we have come to thank those who dedicate their lives to serving. Many years ago, that was not the case and veterans were not acknowledged the way they are today.

In this month of gratitude, we honor our veterans on Veteran’s Day (and every day). I think we all want to show our appreciation and don’t always know how we can help. My way was to write a book called, Heroes Get Hired, which is a resource for those coming out of the military and going into the civilian workforce. This book is free for veterans and my way to thank them for their service. And YES, you can ABSOLUTELY share with any veterans or their spouses who might benefit from the book, videos at  Heroes Get Hired.

If you know a Vet or someone in active military service, what can you do to show your gratitude? Some people have shown their appreciation by giving up their first class seats, especially when airlines board active service members first. Others donate their time or send baskets to those overseas.

What will you do this Veteran’s Day to show your appreciation?


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