What do you need to reframe?

I hate selling.


I admit it. I have actually been incredibly uncomfortable promoting The Connected Leader Course in every newsletter the last few weeks.


I even went to the backend to check and see if there were complaints or a huge spike in people unsubscribing. Since I rarely go into the backend myself, I wasn’t sure I was reading it correctly for a moment.  But I was definitely relieved to see ZERO complaints! Phew! Yes, there were some unsubscribes, but no more than usual.


What was unusual was the 280% increase in subscribers over the past 30 days. That was surprising!


It made me realize something I have coached others on for years, I needed a reframe.


I hate selling, but I love sharing.


Giving people something they have asked for is my joy and goal. When I used to include a survey in my initial outreach to new subscribers, I was constantly being asked for something in between a book and full-on coaching. I finally have it. The Connected Leader Course is it!


I am going to heed my own advice when I encourage my clients to own their accomplishments and share their enthusiasm. I tell them it is not bragging or even self-promoting, it is truly sharing how you feel about what you have done. Afterall, energy is contagious.


I feel awesome about what Lou and I have created! I know it is what leaders need to take it to the next level. And I want to share what it is about with all of you.


Join the next free, virtual informational webinar on April 4th at 1pm EST.


Register HERE.


Even if you can’t join live, REGISTER, so you get the recording and the exclusive offer not available anywhere else.


Thanks for letting me share what I am excited about, proud of, and what I know will make a difference for you.  

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