What does intimacy mean to you?


People inspire me. Really listen to the things that come out of the mouths of the people you are talking to. If you really think about them and what they say, it makes you think. For me, they give me ideas for newsletters, like this one.


While waiting for my delayed flight back from Nashville over the 4th of July weekend, I got to hang out in the airport with two women from the MG 100 community, Charlene Li and Laine Joelson Cohen. One I knew well, and the other, barely at all. We bounced around topics from what we do, to weight loss, to hot flashes. I wrote last month about part of that conversation and redefining what “Doing Your Best” means.


Somewhere in the midst of our conversation Charlene Li referenced intimacy in some of the work that she does. I must have made a face. As hard as I try, words like intimacy and vulnerability never land very well in a corporate environment.


She said to me, “I’ve redefined intimacy as into me you see.”


I said, “Oh my gosh, that’s brilliant!”


I’ve been telling you about the corporate connect groups and the responses have been amazing. I’m so excited to hear from HR professionals and leaders out there that are saying, “I want to do this for my team”, “I want to do this for my organization.” And “I want to do this for my group.” The answer is yes, yes and yes!


But then when we talk a little deeper, I can see a little bit of fear. And that fear is around the idea of vulnerability, or intimacy, and letting somebody see into you. But that’s where connection forms. That’s where trust is built.


That’s when we don’t feel so alone because someone else says, “I get it.”


That’s when someone says how they handled it.


That is when someone says that you’re not alone.


Isn’t that the whole point?


If we can redefine intimacy as letting somebody see into us, and vulnerability as openness and sharing, and credibility and not weakness and self-deprecation. What a shift it would feel like to be amongst people who can see into you.


If you feel a little afraid of the concept of Corporate Connect, but also that little spark of excitement, then call me. Let’s talk about it. We can design a structure that feels right in terms of the level that we are inviting people to share. Create connected cultures, create connect groups.

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