What Is Your Back to School Energy?

It’s finally back to school season, which is always an interesting time of year, especially for parents. It’s a time to consider, “what is your back to school energy?”

It’s the time of the year I notice how BIG my kids have gotten. My 13-year-old now outweighs me! They have both been taller than me for a while, though that is not saying much. I get nostalgic thinking back to their first day of preschool and looking at old photos…

(This gem is from 2016!)

This is also the time of the year when I refocus on work now that my kids are occupied again. I feel energized and driven. I am knocking things off my to-do list. At least for the first few days. Sometimes back to school can bring a feeling of panic. It is typically right after our family vacation where work piles up. I start to realize I didn’t get anything done all summer.

What is your energy this time of year?

Whatever it is, I’ve come to understand that every year the changing of the seasons can drive us to particular behavioral patterns. They could be different for each one of us but, most likely, we repeat that pattern every year.

Think about it…

“Spring cleaning” isn’t something people say because we only clean in the springtime. It is because of the associations we have with springtime…renewal, freshness, warmth. If a time of the year brings associations and feelings that aren’t working for you – adopt a new association.

Take a moment and pay attention to how the back to school season makes you feel. When you can get in touch with your natural behavioral patterns and realize that they are a natural, recurring cycle that you go through, you hold the power to harness that energy or redefine it.

Need some ideas? Check out this throw-back blog post on Your Energy motto.

I think I am in need of some fall cleaning…

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