What’s Your Energy Motto?

Think about a recent situation that went well for you. If you had to describe your mood during that moment and your approach to the situation, what would you say? Whatever words you use, describe the vibe you were giving off and the energy you were putting out. Your description should encapsulate the feeling the other person or people were getting from you, perhaps even before you said a word.

Sometimes people might even sum up their natural energy and approach to life as a motto: ‘‘Never let them see you sweat,’’ or ‘‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile.’’ These are their words to live by, and they can encapsulate energy in a distilled, tangible way. Energy is derived from both your natural personality and your actual mood in a moment. You can feel your own energy in your body, your face, your stance, even in the way you are breathing. Other people pick up on these signals and on the words you choose in a given moment. Likewise, you pick up on the energy of others and respond to it in kind.

The kind of energy we bring to a situation impacts the ways our interactions with the world unfold. Energy is contagious—that is the law of energy. Our own output of energy can energize other people or deflate them, contribute to productivity or add to the confusion. Energy affects the course of interactions and facilitates connections.

Your energy during an interaction will be picked up on by others and influence the outcome. What you give off is what you get back, so getting your energy to an optimal place before entering a situation can make all the difference. The key is to enable the energy that is going to best serve the situation.

When we understand that energy is something we create, we can work on driving the energy rather than having it drive us. In other words, know what energy is most useful to bring to a given situation or when dealing with a specific person, and get yourself to that optimal place so that you can better influence the outcome.

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