What you should ask yourself every day

every day
Ask yourself every day what you’re grateful for. What better time than Thanksgiving to reflect? This tradition of giving thanks is one that I believe should be a part of everyday life – not just a certain time of the year.
Through this pandemic when asked, ‘How am I doing?’ I find my answer has been, “Feeling grateful every day!” There are so many reasons to be grateful, even when times are challenging. I’m always grateful for a reason to connect with others.

I will admit, I do find it easier to see the good now than I used to.  Perhaps that’s why this season of gratitude and giving is so important to me, and I’m continually looking for new ways to give the gift of connection!

Gratitude is one practice that results in an improved mindset and outlook. If you need to embrace the feeling of gratitude, here are 5 questions you can ask yourself to discover what you’re grateful for:

  • What was the best part of my day? Something as big as connecting with a good friend, or as small as getting a snuggle from the dog. Seek to focus on and highlight the good parts of your day.
  • What is one nice thing I did for someone else today? A small act of kindness. A grand gesture for a loved one. Being able to do for others is definitely something to be grateful for!
  • Who did I appreciate today? Bring to mind  the people in your life who are there for you, and reflect on what they do for you. Maybe it’s a family member, a friend, or maybe it’s the mailman! You can think it – but it is even better if you verbalize it to them – you can be the best part of their day!
  • Who can I acknowledge today or give credit to? Perhaps there’s someone who’s efforts make a big difference without you even realizing it. Try making your gratitude known to them.
  • What’s something I’m looking forward to? This could be a set plan, or something you hope for. Regardless, bring to mind what you are excited about it and you may just find yourself smiling without realizing it.
If you take the time to answer any of these questions for yourself, you’re bound to feel just a little more positive about life, and connect with others in small but meaningful ways. That’s never a bad thing!

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