Why I Share? A Mom’s Perspective…

Hi everyone!

You probably don’t know this if you’re not a personal friend of mine on Facebook, but my son was sick for the first three months of 2017. I’m sharing this more publicly now because he is doing much better.

Throughout the ordeal, I would post updates on how he was doing and what he was experiencing. Sometimes I questioned the pictures I shared, wondering if it was too much information. At one point, someone actually told me that maybe it was a little ‘TMI’. I had a pretty strong reaction to hearing that, and didn’t realize how I felt until I reacted.

Throughout the two months of my son having fever, joint pain, and a variety of other ailments, not only did I get well wishes and prayers and support — I also got ideas.

I got suggestions. I got referrals to great doctors. I got offers of introductions to other great doctors. I got help from friends who are doctors – looking at lab results, taking them to their specialists and teaching me how to read the results. I got help from friends who had had similar experiences or similar diagnoses – offering to speak to their friends. I even had my older son’s teacher tell me to ask for an Emergency 504 so that my younger son could get in-home support for the days of school he had missed.

Had I not shared, I would have never known so many of the things I learned by making a private situation public.

Sharing can be uncomfortable, and I admit that there were times that I was uncomfortable myself. But I encourage you to stretch your limits of comfort, and to share a little bit more. You may be surprised by how helpful it can be.

I am sharing this now because he is better, and because I want to thank all of those who sent us love, support, and prayers — and thank you for letting me share.

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