Working From The Outside-In: Why You Should Dress For Success.

Hi everyone! A little something extra this week. I needed it and I know a few of you out there need this too. Do you know how to dress for success?

The law of self-image is that you have to like you first. After all, if you don’t like you, how can you expect someone else to? Then there is the reality that we don’t always feel great about ourselves. That is why I wrote about working from the outside-in in chapter two of The 11 Laws of Likability.

What you wear affects how you feel. (Click HERE to Tweet this!)

You know it is true. Think about when you put on that freshly-pressed suit and power tie, or that fabulous new dress with the killer heels. You stand a little taller, you feel a little more powerful. How you feel about you drives how others perceive you, and confidence is the most persuasive thing. That is how you dress for success.

So, how do you dress in a way that also feels authentic to who you are? How do you make sure you look your best – aligning your personal style with your business?

Don’t forget to share your questions and thoughts with me – I’d love to hear them!


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