Work-life balance: I am doing it and didn’t even realize it! Here’s how:

Finding work-life balance doesn’t have to be about how you split your time between the two. It can be, and almost must be, about incorporating them into each other, sharing what you love about each with the other, and giving both of them your best all at once. (Tweet This

Here are my three best tips on how to achieve the perfect work-life balance:

  1. Bring them with you! Bring Your Kid to Work Day doesn’t have to happen just once a year. Bring your loved ones into your work environment, whatever that may be. If you have to catch up on work on the weekend, take the time to explain what you are doing and show them a spreadsheet or PowerPoint deck. Find appropriate times when you can introduce them to your workplace and your coworkers. Show them your workspace and all the pictures you have of them around it – they’ll love it!
  2. Talk with them about what they learned. Ask what they found interesting about your workspace, what they may not have understood, and even what was boring. Ask them to think about what school subjects they think are needed to do the job you do. I bet you’ll be surprised at some of the things they share.
  3. Get their input! Now that they have experienced a taste of what you do, see if they have any ideas. Where a young child might make the observation that you don’t have enough candy on your desk, an older child, friend, or family member might have some insight into how you can rearrange your space or relate better to that difficult coworker. They might even say something like, “Wow, ‘work you’ is awesome!” You never know…

People talk about balance as if they are opposite sides of the scale. Instead I like to the about fit and melding the two together. I love my manicure meetings with a client. Bringing your work and personal lives together can be daunting – but it’s something that can be necessary for sticking to your commitment to both. Inviting your personal life into your work, and vice versa, shows each that they are valuable to you!

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