10 Ideas of How NOT to Do What I Did My First Week at a New Job

How NOT to do what i did

how not to do what i did

I was 21, had offers from multiple firms, and was promised lots of specific work assignments, managers, and recruiting opportunities when I accepted a job with Arthur Andersen (I know, I am dating myself!). It was my first few days on the job when I received my schedule which had none of what they promised. Disillusioned and righteous (and with the encouragement of an equally new and inexperienced coworker), I marched to HR to demand they do what they promised.

The outcome? Well, I didn’t make any friends in HR. They did end up fulfilling all their promises, but I definitely could have gotten that same result with more tact, grace, and better relationships at the end of it.

Have you ever had an issue with handling your emotions in work place communications? It is all too easy to misinterpret the meaning of what another person says or does, and difficult to measure your own reactions correctly.

Suppressed emotions lead to internal conflicts and cause misunderstandings among you and your coworkers. (Tweet this!)

I teamed up with the Forbes Coaches Council to share some tips to help you learn how to think before you act. You can read the full article HERE to hear more of my advice on the matter, as well as the advice of 11 other experts!


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