My 2020 Magic Word

a new year 2020

A New Year and a new decade – 2020 here we go!

First, the not so magical word…Every year you hear this word when the calendar strikes January. Same word, year-after-year and I have to tell you, I just don’t like it. What’s that word?


The definitions I read are:

  • the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter
  • a firm decision to do or not to do something
  • the quality of being determined or resolute (Resolute: admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering)

Do you see the problem? Look at the words that are included in the definitions above …solving, contentious, unwavering, firm decision…

It doesn’t leave you much room, for anything. We all fall off, do more, do less, have a bad day or week, or get sick and it throws us off course. With these words, the result feels like failure, so we give up.

My magic word is much more pliable…


Goals are forward-thinking and aspirational. Goals have action and outcome. They can be tweaked. They are a journey and not a finite action. Goals can be achieved. You feel good when you reach your goals and then you make new goals!

So here’s my rule of thumb for you starting off making your 2020 goals. You get 3. Not 1, not 10, not 100. THREE! You write them on a post-it and put it where you can see them every day. You reflect on them and measure what you are doing or working on against them.

My goals usually involve something like this:

1. Professional – something new in my professional life that elevates me and my business to the next level.

2. Personal – something important to me as a person to grow over the year. It can be work-related but needs to involve my own growth.

3. Family / Friends – something involving my family or friends, lifestyle, or fun.

Think about your goals. Throw out your resolutions. Share them with others so you are more likely to work towards them. You’ve got this! I’d love to hear your goals and wish you luck!

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