Quick Guide to Connecting Tips

Quick Guide to Connecting Tips

We all reflect on the past and evaluate, judge, celebrate all the things we did and didn’t do.

Reflecting and maybe even evaluating are great. Skip the judgment and go right to the celebration! We will never do all the things we could do, so don’t sweat it.

For me, it’s been a time of Connecting and seeing the proof of The Connector’s Advantage play out in my own life. The book was a journey that took me to old friends and new ones.  I am so grateful for this amazing community of support and all the different communities I am a part of.

I celebrate that we are connected and hope that my tips, tricks, and success shorties have helped you navigate situations ranging from uncomfortable to completely new. Keep telling me what is on your mind so I can continue to serve what’s important to you.

I want to look at all we have accomplished together, all that we have learned, and all that has been shared:

Why Being Underestimated Can Be A Good Thing

Sometimes giving people a response they don’t expect can jolt them to a new reality. Here’s how you can push people to re-estimate you.

How to Ask for What You Want: 5 Easy Ways to Make a Request

It’s hard to ask for what you want, but you’ll never get it unless you do. I always say, “If you don’t ask, the answer is no. If you do ask, you immediately increase your odds.”

Five Tips for Choosing and Working with a Career Coach

Consulting with a career coach can be extremely valuable if the coach is selected correctly, and a waste of time and money if not. Here are five tips for helping you decide if a career coach is right for you, and if so, how to choose the best one.

How To Say “No” And Have It Heard

Saying no can be tough. We feel guilty, unhelpful, or a myriad of other emotions that have us saying yes to things we ought to be saying no to.

Do You Inspire Kindness?

Kindness is contagious. When someone is kind to us, it’s a gentle reminder of the way we want to be in the world.

Three Tricks to Remember Someone’s Name

People always ask how I remember so many names.  I’ve come up with a few techniques that have helped over the years: Repeat, Visualize, and Associate.

The Upside To Risk

How do you know when taking a risk is worthwhile? My answer, when you are clear on why you are doing it. Risk begets reward, enables progress, and also puts us outside of our comfort zone.

What Can A Change Do For You?

Change is nothing if not constant. Without it, there’s no growth. Without growth, we never have the opportunity to become a better version of ourselves.

5 Tips To Keep Fear From Getting In Your Way

It’s easy to let fear paralyze you, but it doesn’t have to. You can choose to manage it, to be empowered by it, and even learn to embrace it.

6 Pieces of Traditional Resume Advice That Are Totally Wrong

Earlier in the year, I was asked by Fast Company about common bad advice around the resume – and there is a lot of it!  They compiled the top 6 myths about resumes and the job search.  My tip…Don’t skip the cover letter!


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