Are You Taking These Key People For Granted?

Mother’s day always gets me thinking.

Ever notice we are hardest on those we are closest to? Whether we are letting our mood out all over them, forgetting to say thank you, or not acknowledging their efforts. These are the many ways we simply take these key people in our life for granted.

So yes, it was Mother’s Day that brought this to the front of my mind because of the way my mother does so much for my family with less than the amount of appreciation she deserves.  (And also because with two teen/tween age sons – I feel it myself.)

I try to tell myself (and my mother) that it’s a compliment. I like to think it is because it is who we feel safest with. The relationship is sound, comfortable, trusted. And fortunately for me, when it comes to family – it is.

But do you do this with people you work with too? This is something that a lot of people can relate to when they think about their mothers, but have you ever thought about the business implications of this phenomenon?

Sometimes we take our star performers for granted too. We don’t give them the feedback they need. We task them with the things they do well but do those responsibilities engage and motivate them? We appreciate them in our mind but forget to share those thoughts.

When we work with someone day in and day out, we become comfortable. And if we stopped to look closely, we may find that we are unintentionally taking our team for granted as well.

Do you know what happens then?

People leave. Typically your best people. Right now research shows that about 70% of people are looking for new jobs. One of the main reasons that people decide to leave a job is because they don’t feel appreciated. They feel a lack of support and recognition.

Do you take your team for granted? What about other important people in your life?

SHOUT OUT TO MY MOM, Margot… I appreciate you! Even if I don’t always say it.

My mom with her mom and me with my boys
This week, call your mother and tell your employees that they rock. It will make more of a difference than you know.

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