Are you an insider or outsider

Are you an insider or outsiders?

A while back I joined a group called the Authoresses comprised of established, successful female authors. I must admit, at first it was incredibly intimidating. They all seemed to know

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diversify your network

Why you want to diversify your network

During the pandemic, I have been more connected to my college friends than I have been in years. It occurred to me that my best friends from undergrad represent many

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Resources, Ideas, And Help – Oh My!

I have received so many responses to my posts in the last few weeks. Thank you for that! It is great to know people are reading them and that they

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When Small Talk Doesn’t Work

Have you ever been in this situation when small talk doesn’t work… An acquaintance that you haven’t seen in awhile smiles and approaches you. In less than 60 seconds you’ve

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Self-Investment Is The Best Investment

In the past, I’ve talked about investing in ourselves and our careers. Whether you are focused on learning a new skill, expanding your connections or upping your knowledge through training

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A Curation of Content From My Dog

Connections drive results. Yes, it is that simple.  Everything you do is elevated by human connection. Even your ideas are seen as more credible and trusted when you are liked by

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Got A Question?

I loved school. I am so glad I passed that on to my kids. They, like me, love learning. I always felt proud when I knew something. It gave me

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Do Companies Forget About The Working Dads?

The world is changing and slowly but surely, companies are following suit. One area where this is apparent is with working dads. I love hearing about all the new programs

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What’s The Point Of Social Media?

Do you spend too much brain power on your social media strategy? Do you ask yourself questions like… what platforms should I be on? How often should I post? What hashtags

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