Are one of these habits your downfall?

The other night my husband, Mike, made an innocuous claim about how long a drive he had to do alone was. He overestimated. I knew he had the number of

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What you know is not enough

It’s springtime! Mother’s Day is approaching. The weather is warming up, and I’m back to my morning walks. It’s a peaceful time when I reflect on things I hear (and

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You Control Your Interpretations

Years ago, I launched a course based on my book, which evolved over time and is now part of the foundation of The Connected Leader Course.   I’ll never forget this

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How can we disagree and still get along?

In May, I had a great time working with New York City public schools. We did a Connected Leadership Program, which incorporated a lot of the concepts from my Collaborative Communications Program. This

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What's Your One Word

What’s Your One Word?

At the MG100 gathering this past summer, one of the presenters did an exercise similar to something that I do in my talks, You the Brand and Claim Your Power.   These programs are

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ChatGPT knows who I am and I am not sure how I feel about it!

When did you first hear the words, “ChatGPT”? I actually looked it up since I remembered who told me and sent me instructions on how to craft a good prompt.

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Are you an insider or outsider

Are you an insider or outsiders?

A while back I joined a group called the Authoresses comprised of established, successful female authors. I must admit, at first it was incredibly intimidating. They all seemed to know

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diversify your network

Why you want to diversify your network

During the pandemic, I have been more connected to my college friends than I have been in years. It occurred to me that my best friends from undergrad represent many

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Resources, Ideas, And Help – Oh My!

I have received so many responses to my posts in the last few weeks. Thank you for that! It is great to know people are reading them and that they

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