Close Connections In A Virtual World

I met Jordan Harbinger years ago. I’m not exactly sure how many years ago but back then, he was just dating his now-wife, Jenny. So it has been a while.

We first connected so that I could be on his show, but then we started talking taco’s and our relationship grew from there. Over the years, I have been a guest on his show several times. I recorded some bonus content for him to use in his programs and he did the same for me.

I wasn’t surprised when he agreed to be a part of my new book, The Connector’s Advantage or when he invited me back on his show to talk about it.  What surprised me, after all these years, is that we had NEVER actually met in person!

I was so excited to finally come face to face with someone whom I considered a friend for years (and to hang out with his fabulous wife Jenny).

We live in a virtual society, and things are different than they used to be. The cool realization here is we can form real and strong connections with people that we have never met. Jordan and I are a great example. It was wonderful to finally meet in person, but it’s pretty cool that we have built a solid relationship without ever coming face to face.

Listen to my episode on his podcast here, or watch the video below. And keep using all the channels out there to keep connecting!

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