Relationship with work

What’s your relationship with work?

People inspire me. They talk. I listen. Then something I hear just sparks me thinking. I jot down that phrase or concept in my newsletter ideas list. I did that

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What's Your One Word

What’s Your One Word?

At the MG100 gathering this past summer, one of the presenters did an exercise similar to something that I do in my talks, You the Brand and Claim Your Power.   These programs are

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How to Get (and Be) A Mentor

I had a great time earlier this summer delivering my Get Known, Get Connected, Get Ahead talk to development officers from over 100 universities. In the middle of the program, I share

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Doing Your Best

Did you do your best?

I ended up with a delayed flight at the airport with Laine Joelson Cohen and Charlene Li. We and had an amazing conversation, reliving and processing the whole weekend. I’m

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Competitor or collaborator – which do you choose?

Earlier this month, I shared about my incredible experience at the MG 100 community event. One of my favorite habits at a Marshall event is after every break, you change

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Positive Intent

The Power of Assuming Positive Intent

Do you ever get so wrapped up in your to do list, in your, “I’m so busy” mindset, that you are short with those around you? It’s as if your

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Being Introverted in an Extroverted World

I am raising an introvert. I’m also married to one.   My husband attended business school early on in our marriage. Every Thursday night they hosted a happy hour, and

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Power of Community

The Power of Community

Every summer Marshall Goldsmith hosts his annual MG100 Community weekend in Nashville. Last year, I flew down just for 24 hours because I was heading off to Africa the next

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What belief and success have in common

Earlier this Spring I spent my three weekends in a row at fencing tournaments with my older son. Each Sunday, he went and competed with all his heart.   At

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