Is It Worth Going The Extra Mile?

Can you think of a time when you went the extra mile?

I don’t mean literally. I am definitely not a runner. What I mean is the figurative mile of putting in more effort than is necessarily required.

This happens to me a lot with events. Sometimes when you are involved in an event, they will ask you to go the extra mile. Social media promotion, pre-conference events, after parties, blog posts, videos and more. All of the things around the event that are optional.

When you are asked about the extras what is your default response?

Last year I spoke in the WIN Summit. The evening before the event they invite all the speakers to a dinner. A lovely gesture, but it’s difficult for a Jersey girl with kids to attend a NYC event. However, this time I decided to go.

You don’t know what you are missing when you don’t go but sometimes putting in the extra effort has a ripple effect. The dinner and specifically the other attendees were amazing. When someone offers the opportunity to do a little more, check your default response. The benefits may just surprise you.

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