Do You Agree With This Definition of Service?

we are all in this together written in chalk

Memorial Day is a holiday to remember and honor those who lost their lives in service. In this time of constant loss of life, I have been thinking about an expanded definition of those who have served.

There are so many serving during this time from the obvious healthcare workers to the essentials services like trash collection, mail delivery, grocery workers, bus drivers, volunteers, and of course – teachers. There are so many serving to keep things running. And way too many of those serving have also lost their lives.

So this year’s Memorial Day can be a reminder to turn our thoughts to all the others who are currently serving as well as those who have served in the past.

We can honor those in service by considering how each of us can serve even if it is by simply staying home. My husband and I recently packed bags of food at a food bank for delivery for those in need. Check out my stylish mask.

It feels weird to say “celebrate” Memorial Day since it is traditionally about those we have lost. But in a way, I get it. We are celebrating people, our memories of others. Those who are gone, as well as those who are not.

Who comes to your mind? Who are you grateful for? And who can you reconnect with? How can you be “together” during this time?

2020 has been an odd and challenging year so far, and “together” has more meaning than ever before. Reach out to someone today — someone that you share a memory with — and reconnect. Celebrate each other.

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