Drew a blank? Here’s what you do!


Lately I feel like my memory is shot. I have always been teased about my crazy memory which is nearly photographic for numbers (and only numbers).  When challenged once I was able to recite my drivers license and credit card numbers which I didn’t even know I knew!

So now, when I can’t seem to remember whatever I was trying to remember – it is making me a little nuts. But this happens to us all – right?

Does this sound familiar? Someone approaches you with a simple question and, for whatever reason, the answer isn’t there. You should know it but you draw a blank. Now what?

Making things up won’t do you any good, but there are a few other ways to find a suitable answer.

  • Clarify the question. Get your mind on the details of the topic and the answer may come to you. It is a stall tactic that buys your brain time to catch up.
  • Postpone. Tell them you don’t have the info at hand or you want to double check it and you will get back to them. Then, remember to follow up. It not only shows that you’re honest, but that you’ll be diligent when you follow through.Want to know a few other tips to finding the answer that slipped your mind?

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