Guess what I did with Bryan Cranston!

The other day I got a request to connect on LinkedIn, and, as I always do, I sent a note back asking how they found me. Ankit replied “I’d undergone one of your courses published on LinkedIn Learning called ‘Job Searching, Interviewing, and Negotiating Salary,’ and I really liked the way you structured it and shared insights.”

Um, that’s cool, I had no idea I was on LinkedIn Learning! So I asked him to send me a link. He did. Then he sent me three more links with other classes I was in. How did this happen? I asked the same thing and realized when I did recordings for BigThink, they included the content in their education library. Turns out – that led to this.

BigThink compiles content from multiple experts to form courses. What’s even cooler, the class he watched, starts with Bryan Cranston, Simon Sinek, and Robert Cialdini. Wow!

So I am sharing because this is so cool. I actually use Robert Cialdini, the author of Influence, as a source. He lists Likability as one of the 6 key principles of influence.

Also, because I always find the takeaway, maybe there’s a few here.

  1. Audit Yourself: Google yourself to see how and where you are showing up online and make sure it is how you want to show.  If you are in the job search, I guarantee – they are doing this.
  2. Respond and Extend: “Always have the conversation” is the second section of my book, The 11 Laws of Likability. When someone reaches out, give a response. Extend the connection, even a little – you never know where it may lead.
  3. Don’t Ignore. When someone reaches out to you, don’t just ignore them because they didn’t include a note. Ask them! You can always un-connect with somebody if they turn out to be a spammer or fake (or think LinkedIn is a dating site – happens too often!)  A few seconds to keep an open mind may often be for naught, but the few times that it is not – totally worth it!

The program Ankit watched with Brian Cranston and Simon Sinek is called Job Searching, Interviewing, and Negotiating Salary. Thanks Ankit for taking the time to respond, extend, and share!

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