Got A Question?

I loved school. I am so glad I passed that on to my kids. They, like me, love learning.

I always felt proud when I knew something. It gave me a sense of confidence, self worth and strength. You know that saying, knowledge is power.

Knowledge is gained by communication and observation. Everything we learn from day one of our existence we are picking up from other people. That’s why connection is so powerful.

Growth comes from exposure and connection. The people you interact with almost always have something valuable to offer to you – some knowledge for you to acquire, if you’re listening.

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and don’t know what to ask. Other times you have a burning question but don’t know who may have the answer (besides google).

What are you looking to learn more about in the business world? Got a question? If you had the opportunity to ask me, what would you ask?

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