Do you give AND take

You guys came through again!  I love it when you send me quotes that make me think. This one comes from Richard Dictor and the quote he gave me was,

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Are you an insider or outsider

Are you an insider or outsiders?

A while back I joined a group called the Authoresses comprised of established, successful female authors. I must admit, at first it was incredibly intimidating. They all seemed to know

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Are you talking about it?

People at times have described me as a “motivational speaker” and for some reason that always made me uncomfortable. The truth is, I don’t believe you can motivate anyone since

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Vulnerability makes me want to puke but….

I have rallied my tribe to help me with my weight loss goal. But my tribe can’t always walk with me. Instead of being demotivated I bring a virtual friend,

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Need to make a change, try this

Are you considering making a major career change? On a recent interview on the Sales for Nerds Podcast with Reuben Swartz, he asked me how I switched from being a

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Do You Have A “Summer Slow Down”?

Summer is meant to be a time of relaxing, slowing down, and enjoying some well-deserved rest. Yet oftentimes we end up pushing off the relaxation, the things we want to do but

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Is It Worth Going The Extra Mile?

Can you think of a time when you went the extra mile? I don’t mean literally. I am definitely not a runner. What I mean is the figurative mile of putting in more effort than is necessarily required.

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Do You Self Promote, Really?

Is it a gender thing? Article after article claims that women are not comfortable with self-promotion.  I am not convinced this is a “female” problem.  Though Sally Helgesen in her book, How Women Rise,

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Why You Should Care About Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is all over the place; we hear about it over and over again. Why do you need to care about Emotional Intelligence? Because the biggest difference between an

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