Motherhood: The Thankless Job

I have two boys now 4 and 6.  They are adorable, sweet, smart, cuddly, funny, active, dirty, needy, whiny, demanding beings.  I love them more than life.

When they were just babies and motherhood still had a new glow about it a friend who had teenagers said to me, “Life is less fun with kids; more meaningful, but less fun.”  I didn’t get it, but the words stuck with me.

Now, I get it.  I am an adventure travel junkie and haven’t done anything but beach vacations since they were born.  It’s because it isn’t about me anymore; everything is about them.  The movie, the restaurant, the vacation, all the choices are about fulfilling their needs.

This is absolutely as it should be and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But as a mother, and I think a pretty good one, I have come to realize it is a completely thankless job.  Our kids don’t realize what we do for them.  How we make whatever they need happen.  And even though we try to teach them manners – they rarely say thank you to us.

I know all this and yet I haven’t told my mother thank you either.

My mother had me in every lesson from skating, to ballet, to gymnastics, to swimming.  I have no idea how she remembered to get us registered and got us to all these places on time, with all our gear, and a snack in our bags.

My mother made sure I could go to any party, playdate, or reunion I wanted to and would often sit outside and wait in the car while I played.

My mother got creative when we didn’t have the money for something – somehow, we still got it.  We got to go to sleep away camp, we got to go to Israel, we got to have a Bat Mitzvah party.  We got.

My mother was there.  She was at every school play, brownies field trip, or contest I entered.  She helped me study for every spelling test and framed my art work.  She was my biggest fan and greatest supporter.  She wasn’t just there – she was in the front row.

I am amazed realizing all my mother did, and as a single parent, that I struggle to do. Let alone do as well as her.  She did it all, she did it naturally, and she did it without hearing thank you.

So to my mom and to all the moms that don’t hear it.  THANK YOU.

What are you most thankful to your mom for?  Share below.

3 thoughts on “Motherhood: The Thankless Job

  1. That was lovely Michelle and, she is still all of those things. Your greatest cheerleader.

    My mom has been gone some 10 yrs and I miss her every day. My fondest memory is of her taking my to Madison Square garden for the horse show on my 13th birthday. I was adopted when I was 3 weeks old, loved unconditionally until the day she died and never wanted for anything.

    The best way to honor our mothers is to love our children in the same way.

  2. Michelle, your mom is lucky to have a grateful daughter (you).
    Likewise, your kids are lucky to have a loving mother (you).

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