My Favorite Question

Hi everyone!

What are your highs and lows? This is my favorite question to ask my kids. The parents out there may relate to having no idea what is going on in their children’s day. They often forget to tell you about the big and small…but it is amazing what you learn, what they remember, and what they share just by asking!

I never want to miss out on knowing both sides of that question so I can celebrate with them and comfort or console them. I must admit, they are better at the complaining side – so some days I simply ask them to tell me one good thing about today. (Click HERE to tweet this!)

This little question has a lot of power. Power for you to learn about and connect with someone else. Try it!

I try to make focusing on the good a daily habit, and in this time of Thanksgiving I want to share my gratitude for you, with you. It always makes my day when someone emails back that the newsletter impacted them, really resonated, or (my favorite) sends along a quick, “I needed that!”

Thank you for being part of my network, for asking questions, challenging me, listening, reading, commenting, and supporting! I am so grateful.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and welcome hearing what you are most grateful for — I, for one, am always thankful for my family.



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