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So, Veteran’s Day was the 11th. Some offices and schools close – most don’t. The day seems to pass with little fanfare or notice. It doesn’t feel right to me that this holiday passes by without inspiring action or even thought about the heroes of our country.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while only 8% of Americans can claim veteran status, 17% of our homeless population is made up of veterans. In 2010, the Department of Veteran Affairs estimated that on any given night, there were 76,000 homeless veterans sleeping on American streets.

In 2015, a recorded 495,000 unemployed veterans populated our country! Have you ever wondered how you can help a veteran? (Tweet this!) Statistics like this are certainly disturbing and (hopefully) motivating.

Do they inspire you to want to do something? But you don’t know what?

There are opportunities everywhere! A quick Google search will pinpoint local and national organizations that provide a variety of support for veterans. Volunteer, make a donation, or mentor someone! There are loads of ways to be a source of support for our veterans.

My way of helping was to write Heroes Get Hired: How to Use Your Military Experience to Master the Interview and to give it away for free, for all veterans and their spouses. Did I mention it is FREE, FOREVER!? Go to www.HeroesGetHired.com and you will find videos and activities and even a forward by Medal of Honor recipient, retired Colonel Jack Jacobs. Here’s one of the videos with two of the veterans I coached:

In the book I address particular issues, questions, fears, and mental roadblocks that veterans may encounter — as well as tips to overcome these challenges and skills to excel at the interview process.

Reentering the civilian workplace can be a culture shock after being in the military. Though I must admit, I didn’t really know that until I met and coached several veterans in my research for the book. You can hear some of their stories in their own words here.

Learning about the challenges and experiences was humbling and enlightening. While I understand that a veteran’s recent experiences may be very different from the average civilian candidates in the workforce, I want to show veterans that this is an advantage, rather than a hindrance

I am proud to provide Heroes Get Hired absolutely free of charge. I encourage you to share it as a resource with those veterans you come in contact with. You can find it here!

Let’s get our veterans back in the workforce and honor this Veterans Day and our veterans every day!



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