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Are you considering making a major career change? On a recent interview on the Sales for Nerds Podcast with Reuben Swartz, he asked me how I switched from being a “Recovering CPA” to starting my own business. In my former life, I used to be an auditor, then I did mergers and acquisitions for a publishing company. I made stops trying consulting and venture capital and my last stop in finance was working for a major bank.

When my boss at that bank became CEO of the Tokyo Branch, I went out to Japan to prep his new team. I hired a coach to go with me and help me with the process. I did everything she did and then some, and I loved it! I discovered what I was meant to do. At the end of the week I told the CEO I declared to the CEO, “I can do that!” He responded, “Okay, but you still have to do all your financial tasks!” and I said “Okay!” And the rest is history.

I credit my success in the conversation because I believed in myself a I advocated for what I wanted.

Advocating for yourself in that way is definitely challenging. But what was the worse that would happen – status quo. I was already there, so there was only upside.

Making the switch from a career you’ve settled into to taking on a new role or starting your own business definitely isn’t easy. You have to believe in the possibility and you also may need to skill up.

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To be successful in elevating yourself, there are three key traits Confidence, Clarity, and Courage. Here are three ways to build those strengths:

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