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Quick Guide to Connecting Tips

We all reflect on the past and evaluate, judge, celebrate all the things we did and didn’t do. Reflecting and maybe even evaluating are great. Skip the judgment and go

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Self-Investment Is The Best Investment

In the past, I’ve talked about investing in ourselves and our careers. Whether you are focused on learning a new skill, expanding your connections or upping your knowledge through training

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14 Tips for Leading Effective Meetings

Do you want tips on leading effective meetings? When Forbes reached out to me asking for a tip on this topic I thought, “Just one!?” ​​​​​​​In my head I started

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How To Apologize And When You Shouldn’t

You know that person, the one who says “sorry” seemingly every other sentence? Be honest, what do you think of them? When I ask that question the most common response

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Would You Want to Hear This TED Talk?

Hi everyone! I’d like to share that I have been procrastinating, extensively, about doing a TED Talk. Not sure if it is productive procrastination yet, but my hope is alive.

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10 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking

There’s a lot of information out there on just how much people fear public speaking. But what are we so afraid of, anyway? It’s not as if our very survival is

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Connection is the Link to Success

Welcome back, here is the third installment of my favorite podcast with Jordan Harbinger on the If you haven’t seen the first two posts make sure to check out

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Man and a dog

How to Ask for What You Want: 5 Easy Ways to Make a Request

I was explaining The Law of Giving (Law #10 from my book The 11 Laws of Likability) during a talk on networking, when a woman in the audience loudly grumbled,

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The ‘Cold Call’ Email

Do you avoid the dreaded ‘cold call’ at all costs? What if the person hangs up on me? you think. Or worse yet, What if they don’t hang up on

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