Success Shortie Video: How to Work With Your Ex

Hi everyone!

This week’s Success Shortie is a response to a question from an audience member! RC wrote in about the fact that he (or she – hard to tell from initials) doesn’t feel valued working with a coworker that he/she used to date. Chances are, the interactions you have with this person are as uncomfortable for them as they are for you!

Don’t worry – you and your coworker can learn to interact more effectively, even now that your relationship has ended. Listen to the three steps in today’s Success Shortie to learn how!

Have you had any uncomfortable experiences working with an ex? Did you take this approach to solve the issue? Make sure to keep the comments and questions coming. Post your comment under the video on YouTube. If you like the video, don’t forget to click the thumbs up. Click HERE to tweet this Shortie!


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