Success Shortie Video: How to Manage Your Online Presence

The new year is about setting new goals for yourself — and that includes sharpening up your online presence. Have you ever gotten the sense that someone knows things about you before you have even introduced yourself to them? While that used to be an unsettling thought, nowadays it’s expected. In fact, in some professional instances it is considered rude or unprepared if you haven’t spent a little time learning about someone before you meet them.

I recently spent a little time updating my summary on LinkedIn. A great tip I received to make it current is to reference what I am working on in 2017 – so I did just that. I also included an email address to make it easy to contact me (admittedly, I am nervous about having done that). I would love to hear from you – let me know what you think of my new summary!

Don’t let the reputation that precedes you be a bad or a tarnished one. Professionalism needs to extend into your online presence just as it does your everyday life – so listen up and take a few pointers from today’s Success Shortie to make sure that your own presence stays in check.

What are some of the most off-putting characteristics of online profiles that you have visited? Will you be changing anything to sharpen up your own online presence? Tell me your thoughts and please keep the comments and questions coming!

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