The Secret to Shifting Your Mindset on Self Promotion and Bragging

Afraid of self promotion? I thought it was an important question to raise, as the year end comes around and along with it those feedback and bonus conversations. What is the secret to shifting your mindset on self promotion?

I get it – it can feel icky, braggy, even obnoxious! I was there myself with the release of, The Connector’s AdvantageIt was tricky to share my book with a brand new audience, but I was so proud of it and excited to share it with the world.  That shift is what helped me.

Yes, I was promoting it, but I was also sharing it. I was sharing my enthusiasm, my pride in my accomplishment, and inviting others to be part of it with me.

That’s my secret for you when it comes to self-promotion and it’s all about your mindset. The key difference between shining and shying away, is your ability to share your experiences with others. Then when others are “self-promoting” back, share in their experiences too.

If you want a promotion…part of the word promotion is, you guessed it, to promote. Self promotion is not a bad thing and there should be no guilt about it. It is a great thing to share yourself. Be proud of your accomplishments and promote them too.

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