Are you talking about it?


People at times have described me as a “motivational speaker” and for some reason that always made me uncomfortable. The truth is, I don’t believe you can motivate anyone since motivation is an intrinsic emotion. Meaning you can only motivate yourself.

That said, many leaders try to inspire and motivate. I tell them they can only create an environment in which their teams can find their motivation. But perhaps that is just a cop-out.

What I have come to realize, when enough people tell you something, is that there is one thing I have seen that has had an impact – passion.

If you want to inspire others to feel motivated to act and moved to make a change, you must first feel all of those things yourself. You must first be inspired and passionate about what you are talking about. And then keep talking about it!

The more passionate the leader, the more inspirational they become.

What are you passionate about? What do you want to share with the world, with your team, with your tribe?

You all know what I am passionate about – connection. Clearly, because I keep talking about it. Relationships matter. Our lives are based on the relationships we make. I know the magic of connection bleeds over into all areas of our life which is why I am so driven to talk about it!

But I want to go beyond talking about it. I’m bringing my own energy, passion, and desire to making connection a priority in people’s lives to a new format. That’s why I created The Connector’s Advantage Book Club and Micro Course, dedicated to discussing and implementing the concepts.

No matter what you’re trying to do, if you’re talking about it passionately it will likely impact and even inspire those around you. Remember leaders, the energy that we bring to our environment is reflected back to us. This is when great (or horrible) things happen.

Being a connector will take you to places you never thought you could go. The Connector’s Advantage Book Club and Micro Course is a low-cost, accessible way to engage and act on the ideas.

Don’t worry if you feel busy – join and you will have lifetime access to the club to go through it at your convenience. I can’t wait to hear about how utilizing the concepts in The Connectors Advantage changes your life.

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