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Are you talking about it?

People at times have described me as a “motivational speaker” and for some reason that always made me uncomfortable. The truth is, I don’t believe you can motivate anyone since

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Do You Have A Success File?

Do you keep a success file? If not, start now! A success file can be physical or electronic. It is basically a compilation of all your accomplishments and the kudos

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How Do You Know You’re An Expert?

How do you know you’re an expert? Ever had your name on a “list”? Some lists you really don’t want your name on, like the ‘no fly’ list. But others

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Do You Self Promote, Really?

Is it a gender thing? Article after article claims that women are not comfortable with self-promotion.  I am not convinced this is a “female” problem.  Though Sally Helgesen in her book, How Women Rise,

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What To Do When Things Don’t Go According To Plan.

Awhile back, I had this really grand idea about doing monthly themes with my newsletters. At the beginning of 2017 I put the idea into action, and it worked! …for a couple of

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Why Being Underestimated Can Be A Good Thing.

I had a thought recently that may surprise you: Being underestimated may be a good thing. I know this seems to contradict my typical messaging and popular belief. People battle with being

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Would You Want to Hear This TED Talk?

Hi everyone! I’d like to share that I have been procrastinating, extensively, about doing a TED Talk. Not sure if it is productive procrastination yet, but my hope is alive.

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Michelle Poses

Research Shows the Most Persuasive Thing is… Confidence

Last week I shared a little bit from my conversation with Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm on the topic of clarity. To me clarity is key, clarity is

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Do You Know How People See You? Get Clear.

Recently I had a great conversation with Jordan Harbinger from the Art of Charm. It was so unlike any other interview I have ever done which hit all the concepts

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